Diversification of Services

We have the ability to provide our customers a diversified portfolio of services through partnerships with our industry affiliates. Air Power and Global Finishing Solutions have a well-known presence in the industry to ensure a unique level of service.

Air Power is a nationally recognized, specialized distributor, excelling in providing technology solutions for increasing production process speed and quality in a wide range of manufacturing businesses. Once our customers begin production with their new finishing system, Air Power sales staff services the account with support, training, spare parts, consumables and other associated customer needs. Air Power’s account managers are trained specifically to help identify finishing system requirements and assist with overall finishing system needs.

Our sales approach allows us to outsource commodity items / pre engineered equipment and focus on in house specialties. For instance, we are a distributor for Global Finishing, which allows us to outsource standard equipment and focus on other integral components of finishing systems such as custom part carriers to parts washers.