Engineering and Project Management

Our engineering staff provides high level of engineering and design services include AutoCad drawings for production line design, equipment design, assembly drawings, calculations to determine material usage, production rates based on conveyor line speeds and throughput requirements, plant utility comparisons for the usage of air, gas, electric and hydraulic operated equipment along with associated operating cost.

Our staff works directly with our customers and material suppliers to determine production requirements for finishing product given plant floor space, operational procedure and finishing schedule. Our experience will qualify and quantify production finishing methods to meet your specification and needs.

Our project management staff provides high level of management services. Our staff will take the burden off of the customer by project managing procurement, fabrication, installation, start up and training. We have experienced mechanical and electrical installation teams that provide assembly and control wiring per our specifications. We coordinate other trades such as job specific integrated equipment suppliers, local general contractors, roofing contractors, sprinkler, electrical, gas, steam, etc. We coordinate and provide required information to submit to local authorities with jurisdiction for permitting and inspections.

Layout drawings are presented to the customer for approval from both customer and material supplier with our recommendations. Utility layouts and system full load amps are generated identifying utility locations, types and sizes. General assembly drawings with specific operational calculations are provided to assist in permitting and functional understanding as well as detailed drawings for fabrication and installation. Equipment drawings from integrated equipment suppliers combined with our layouts are generated for full functional understanding. All pertinent job specific information is provided in the form of operational and maintenance manuals. Electrical and mechanical service, trouble shooting, repair and maintenance is available.